Church and School staff

Theonie Arndt, Bookkeeper (ext. 1004)
Rowena del Castillo, Deacon
Joan Condon, Deacon
Faith Forliano, Deacon
Hannah Geiling, Cherub Choir Director
Rosemarie Gustafson, Deacon
George Heath, Cantor, Youth Choir Director (ext. 1012)
Marcia Kollmann, Associate Organist (ext. 1012)
Wendy Krolides, Deacon
Sarah Nunes, Minister to Children, Youth and Families (ext. 1039)
William O'Doherty, Planned Giving Officer
Nelly Palumbo, Coordinator of Fellowship Ministries (ext. 1115)
Deborah Reiss, Minister of Music, Organist (ext. 1018)
Erika Schultz, Minister to Voyager Youth
Michael Schultz, Principal (ext. 1127)
Rev. Dr. Thomas Sluberski, Adjunct Pastor
Pastor Emeritus - Rev. Dr. James C. Zwernemann
Administrative Support Staff
Donna Accatino, Business Office Asst. (ext. 1048)
Curley Bason, PM Receptionist
Krista Brown, AM Receptionist
Maura Condolff, School Secretary (ext. 1005)
Kim Rapillo, Church Office Administrative Assistant (ext. 1003)

Trustee Board of Village Lutheran Church and The Chapel School

Lou Albano, President
Yasmeen Livingston, Vice-President
Nathan Linn, Secretary
John Ansorge, Treasurer
Rev. Dr. Robert Hartwell, Pastor
Michael Schultz, Principal

Walidah Aime
Debra Arena
Katie Bukofzer
James Bunn
Chris Clark
Joshua Geiling
Rev. Scott Geminn
Donna Lubinsky
Pablo Olay
Greg Perotto
Dr. Daryl Story
Fred Swain

Trustees may serve three (3) consecutive two (2) year terms, plus a replacement term served prior.
+Treasurer may serve two (2) consecutive five (5) year terms, plus replacement term served prior.
++Senior Pastor/Principal are permanent members of Board
You may contact us by phone, mail or email:
Trustees of Village Lutheran Church and The Chapel School
172 White Plains Road
Bronxville, NY 10708

(914) 337-0207 Church
(914) 337-3202 School
(914) 771-9711 Fax Email