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VLC Players is the Drama Ministry of the Village Lutheran Church and The Chapel School. Created by Rebecca Geminn, the VLC players seeks to educate, inform and inspire through drama.  Matthew G. Silver is the Creative Director of VLC Players.
2nd Annual VLC Players Radio Production of “A Christmas Carol” coming soon.
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Dramatic Monologues

St. Peter’s Mother-in-law.
Dramatic Reading by Mrs. Kristin Pimentel.

St. Mary Magdalene. 
Dramatic Reading by Mrs. Ellen Story.

St. Thomas. 
Dramatic Reading by Mr. George Heath.

St. Martha of Bethany
Dramatic Reading by Dr. Patrice Sullivan.

Dramatic Reading by: Mr. Christopher Gleason

Past Productions

Past productions include Doubt  and Drama for Worship including the Lighthouse and The Passion Play.   
This production has been brought to you through the volunteer efforts of The VLC Players.

In keeping with the spirit of story of Christmas Carol,
we are not charging a fee for audiences to enjoy this production.
Our mission is to create and share our artistry with the community,
and we do not want money to be an obstacle for any audience member to enjoy our work.

Consider contributing a charitable donation
to help us fund future VLC Player endeavors;
or even volunteering to participate in one of our productions.
We recognize that it can be difficult to set aside money or time for the arts,
but your contributions create opportunities for wonderful work to be done,
to make artist’s dreams a reality, and to make the world a better place.

We thank you for your time,
your consideration, and your contributions.

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Christmas Carol: A Radio Play Adaptation by Matthew G. Silver

About the Play:
Dickens’ writing emphasizes the importance of reaching out to the vulnerable and disenfranchised in society. He wrote during a time of urbanization during an industrial revolution that saw many people, particularly the poor and children, move into deplorable urban slums. Dickens noted a careless disregard for the plight of humanity and many of his works feature a push toward caring for all; particularly those hidden behind walls of class, gender identity, or race. Arguably, few of his works does so more openly, and touchingly, as A Christmas Carol. Dickens invites us to see ourselves in the self-centered Scrooge and invites us to open our hearts and eyes to the needs of those around us.

Ghosts of past, present and future act as prophets calling us to repentance and love. As a ministry that seeks “to know, live and share the love of Christ”, we echo Dickens’ yuletide homily and pray that our hearts be open to share with the people of God all around us. Whether you are relaxing with a mug of hot cocoa, or busy moving around to holiday hectic-ness, we invite you to come with open hearts as you listen to The VLC Player’s Holiday Production of A Christmas Carol.
— Reverend Dr. Robert Hartwell
Adapted and Directed by
Matthew G. Silver

Ebenezer Scrooge - George Heath
Young Adult Scrooge - Max Alexander Singer
The Cratchit Family        
Bob Cratchit - Devin Mitchell
Mrs. Crachit - Kate Marino
Peter Cratchit - Henry Podoll
Martha Cratchit - Nora Podoll
Tiny Tim Cratchit - Annette Marino
The Ghosts        
Jacob Marley - Michael Dean
The Ghost of Christmas Past - Beverley Lorie
The Ghost of Christmas Present - Joshua Ster
Everyone Else In The Story          
Fan - Naomi Kamberlane
Fred - Chris Gleason
Fred’s Wife - Sarah Gleason
Belle - Nora Podoll
Adult Belle - Sarah Gleason
Belle’s Husband Max - Alexander Singer
Alms Collectors - Kristin Pimental & Matthew Silver
Young Boy / Solo Caroler - Joshua Gleason
Narrator 1 - Steve Podoll
Narrator 2 - Kristin Pimental
Narrator 3 - Sarah Gleason
Narrator 4 - Joshua Ster
Narrator 5 - Matthew Silver
Post Production Assistant - Naomi Kamberlane
AV Engineer & Production Assistant - Moses Wong-Gonzalez